Exploring Skåne

The southernmost province in Sweden is famous for its dialect. Skåne has around 1.305.000 inhabitants and it also has the third-largest city of Sweden within its borders. In English, the area goes by the name Scania. The whole province is nowadays a part of the County of Skåne.

Skåne became Swedish in 1658 with the Treaty of Roskilde when it was ceded from Denmark. A few wars followed when Denmark tried to reconquer the province, the most devastating of these was the Scania War (1676-1679). The wars were unsuccessful and Skåne was fully integrated into Sweden in 1720.

Largest City: Malmö
Province Flower: “Prästkrage”, oxeye daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare)
Province Animal: Red deer

Places to Explore in Skåne

Bromölla, Skåne, Exploring Sweden
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Hässleholm, Skåne, Exploring Sweden
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Kristianstad, Skåne, Exploring Sweden
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Exploring Sweden, Landskrona, Skåne, Scania
Exploring Sweden, Malmö, Skåne, Scania

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