Exploring Halland

Halland is one of four provinces in Sweden that makes out the Swedish west coast. It borders Skåne in the south, Småland in the west and Västra Götaland in the north. To the west is Kattegat, a sea area separating the region from Denmark. Halland once belonged to Denmark, but was transferred to Sweden in 1645 and was eventually ceded in 1658 with the Treaty of Roskilde.

Halland has a population of around 304.000 inhabitants and is today mostly covered by Halland County. Small parts are located in what is today the counties of Västra Götaland and Skåne.

Largest City: Halmstad
Province Flower: “Hårginst”, hairy greenweed (Genista pilosa)
Province Animal: Atlantic salmon

Places to Explore in Halland

Falkenberg, Halland, Exploring Sweden
Halmstad, Halland, Exploring Sweden
Exploring Sweden, Ullared, Halland
Varberg, Halland, Exploring Sweden

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