Åland Islands

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The Åland Islands
6,500 skerries and islands between Finland and Sweden

The Åland Islands are where Susann is from. So, that’s the reason why we spend quite some time on this group of islands with few people but a lot of history. It is very nice in the summer! Just imagine the sea, white nights, and red cliffs.

Nowadays it is an autonomous part of Finland. However, a majority of the population speaks Swedish. Here on our blog, we give you tips on what places to visit and what you can do on the Åland Islands. Fairly unknown to many people, we want to spread the word about this beautiful place. We hope that you will enjoy our posts and that they will inspire you. Please, let us know if there’s anything specific you’d like to read about.

We have made a guide with information about the main sights on the islands. Check out our guide >>

Population: 29.000
Capital: Mariehamn
Language: Swedish

Enjoy the Åland Islands with us!