Argentina – The Land of Tango and Passion

We visited Argentina in October 2015 and here are our posts about that trip. Because of the little time we had, we stayed in and around Buenos Aires. We did not see any tango, but the passion was evident. However, we had enough time to enjoy the food, the wine, and the cobblestoned streets of San Telmo. There was a boat ride to Uruguay that we will never forget. And we also learned that the taxi drivers in Buenos Aires might not be the nicest of people. However, Argentina is a country that we would like to return to someday. Maybe then we’ll experience other parts of this vast country. Mendoza, Rosario, Tierra del Fuego, Iguazu Falls. There really is a lot more for us to see!

Visited: 2015

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Country Information:

  • Population: 43.8 million
  • Capital: Buenos Aires
  • Language: Spanish (no official language)

Enjoy our stories from Buenos Aires, La Plata, and Tigre!