Latvia – The Metropolitan Center of Balticum

Latvia is located in the center of Balticum and its capital Riga is probably the most metropolitan of the three capitals. We are quite lucky to have Riga within an easy reach from Stockholm with the cruises. It is a city we love to return to.

A visit to Latvia will most likely be 50% Riga and 50% the rest of the country. What is not to forget is that the rest of Latvia has a lot to offer as well. We have so far been lucky to enjoy the beauty of the nature around Sigulda. A landscape filled with old castles.

The history of Latvia might be short, with independence as late as 1990. The history of the land is, however, rich. It has been part of many empires, At the time of Livonia, it was a part of the Swedish empire, later on, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and eventually a part of the Soviet Union.

Visited: 2015, 2017, 2019

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Country Information:

  • Population: 2 million
  • Capital: Riga
  • Language: Latvian

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