Revere Beach, Massachusetts, United States

Revere, Massachusetts – A Walk Along the Beach

Not too far from Downtown Boston, in Revere, you find the oldest public beach in the United States. Eight kilometers outside the city this beach is stretching for almost five more kilometers. It dates back to 1896 when it was made the first public beach in the country. Not much is left of the many restaurants, ballrooms and roller coasters that once lined the beach. After declining in popularity, a blizzard in 1978 gave a final blow to it.

So how come that we were able to take a walk along the beach? Major work to improve the beach has taken place and it reopened in 1992. It is today a National Historic Landmark.

An Evening Walk Along Revere Beach

After a lot of walking in Boston during the day, we felt the need to take a rest at our hotel room. We were staying at a hotel close to the metro stop Revere Beach, so it was quite obvious for us to also explore the surroundings. That is how we ended up walking along the Revere Beach Boulevard instead of resting in our room.

While walking along the beach the sun started to set behind us. The light might have been changing, but one thing did not. The big jumbo-jets taking off from Boston Logan International airport. The airport is right between Downtown Boston and Revere Beach. This means that the plans departing flew low above the waters along the beach before gaining height. As this was not a day for swimming, we enjoyed the planes, the sunset, and the view of the never-ending beach instead.

After a long day, we’d soon had enough of walking. Back at the hotel, we were now looking forward to one more day of exploring Boston. We had one more day before our flight to San Francisco and a week at the US west coast.

We will continue our trip, read more about our adventure in North America here >>

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