France – The Land of La Baguette

France is known for a lot of culinary experiences. A few of the most common that people probably associate with the country are their wine, the macaroon, the croissant, and of course – The Baguette.

In 2017 we visited the northern part of the country. The region of Champagne and the city of Reims to try some of the famous champagne. Then Verdun to see the sight of the horrific battles of WWI. As well as the area around Metz, an area that has changed hands several times in the past.

France has a lot to offer when it comes to European history, from the medieval castles to the fortifications before WWII. There are more culinary treats to explore as well as some natural wonders to see. Don’t forget that the country has a part of the Alps as well.

Visited: 2017

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Country Information:

  • Population: 67.2 million
  • Capital: Paris
  • Language: French

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