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It’s time to write a short summary of week 3. Susann is writing the post from the Åland Islands. In case you have no idea what island we are talking about, it is a group of islands located between Finland and Sweden.

This week we have written a couple of posts about Åland. The first post was mainly about the observations one can make when travelling by boat (or, in this case, passenger ferry). In a second post we talked about one of the main sights on the Åland Islands – the Kastelholm Castle. Continuing with the topic of sights – Slavín is one of the more impressive monuments in Bratislava. You can read more about it here >>

One thought from week 3. Photos from the Åland Islands, 

During week 3, we shared some thoughts on vocabulary for travellers. We also discussed the lessons we have learnt while living abroad. This week we had a pang of some extra inspiration, and posted more than once daily. Wednesday was a normal day in the middle of the week – buying e-books was somewhat exciting, though. Thursday, on the other hand, was more uplifting than a usual day. so we decided to dedicate our post to some inspirational people and places. Actually the post was inspiring for myself as well, so I went through my old books at my parents’ house, so that I’d be able to re-read the Master and Margarita. Looking forward to that, even though it’s in Russian.

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We are looking forward to a great new week and we hope that you will have a good one, too – with a lot of interesting adventures! Do you have any interesting trips planned for next week? Please share!


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